Slender Prehensile-Tailed Gecko Care

The sarasinorum gecko is native to the southern portion of Grande Terre. The gecko is not as common as other species of rhacodactylus geckos but make great display animals. They can be handled if tamed and handled with enough time, otherwise, they tend to be quite flighty.

The longevity of the species is unknown, but it is thought to be about average when compared to the other geckos of the genus.

The slender-prehensile tail gecko averages about 3.5-5.5″ (snout to vent).


This species is arboreal so you want to make sure that you have a vertical enclosure with appropriate climbing decor within the enclosure.

For hatchlings, you can use kritter keepers up to a 5 gallon enclosure. For juveniles, a 10 gallon size enclosure is sufficient, and for one adult, you will want to consider a 20 gallon-size enclosure. It’s ideal to house the species individually in order to prevent bullying and fighting, but it is possible to house one male with multiple females, as long as the enclosure is sized appropriate.

As for the decor, you’ll want to use plants, vines, branches, and other things for the gecko to climb on.

You want to keep the enclosure around 70-78F, so you won’t need to use any supplemental heating. Lighting is also not necessary, since the species is nocturnal. If you want to provide a light, you can use red bulbs or low watt bulbs for viewing purposes.

As for humidity, try to maintain 60-80% humidity, which can be provided by misting the enclosure on a daily basis. You’ll want to let the enclosure dry in-between misting the enclosure because if water sits, mold spores will grow.


This is an omnivorous species, like the other rhac species. They like soft fruits, which can be supplemented in captivity with Repashy or Clark’s meal replacement diet. You’ll also want to offer live insects once or twice a week.